My Fall Metal Detecting Gear

Somewhere in Central Ontario… Hi, we’re here in Canada can you tell Canada geese everywhere anyway It’s just before Remembrance Day, and I thought I’d just do a short little video to show you Stuff that I get ready to go metal detecting With before I hit the local parks Anyway, a wind suit is always good. I’ve got my Really, yucky old Rain pants on but they’re not really I call them wind pants I painted and I painted in them I’ve also got my knee pads here bought from the local garden store They’re kind of a little bit like kneeling with high heels on at times But they are a little more comfortable than just your foam knee pads from the dollar store oh well Come on over to the van, and I’ll show you what I get ready Yeah first of all I’ll show you my Trusty bucket. It’s just cat litter bucket, but it works for stuff you find along the way such as aluminum strap and any of the scrap that you happen to dig up when you’re metal detecting just put it right in the bucket and take it home sort it and One day when you get enough of it. I like to carry in 5-gallon pails to the Scrap dealer. They don’t care and You know I’ll get a couple bucks for it here and there, and you know it helps keep you in batteries for your metal detector Helpful hint of the week anyway This is what I start doing here is This apron was given to me a while back from a friend that used to work at a restaurant and Anyway, I just put it on. This isn’t a fashion contest by the way who gives a you know what what you look like? You’re out here to have a good time and be practical and warm so I got this one day at the Second-hand store. It works really well it holds my Fiskars garden trowel which Actually, it’s not the greatest thing in the world, but it’s pretty heavy-duty, and it works really well This is my second one the first one I got a little bit too Ramy on one day, and I busted it, but this one’s lasted a long time And when I bought my garret pinpointer otherwise known as “The Carrot” It came with this little belt attachment, which I just put on this It’s good to go so gloves..right I Got to tell you about my gloves. These are the Gardenia ones market, NOT that I’m representing any company in particular, but they’re another local gardening store Pair of gloves they do protect my hands somewhat. They aren’t the ones that I should be wearing like other people do that have metal Incorporated into the material of the gloves, but they work pretty well for me, and they do keep my hands safe Okay, so I’m really loving this new A T MAX Absolutely love it! It’s a little bit hard getting used to because of my other metal detectors but This wireless thing is a really cool thing so anyway. I’m gonna just put it on here now Turn the unit on Itself. The red light is flashing, which means it’s good to go and hopefully I will get to pair this with it easily Sometimes it doesn’t work right away so turn on the machine And guess what? Can you hear that? It’s already paired. Perfect! so I just wear this and you know I love wearing ball caps because to me it works a lot easier for the earphones to go over top of. I carry a bag with me in my van with All the metal detecting stuff. I even have my really awesome hat here, but I’m not wearing it today Where my Canadian 150 hat so anyway, that’s basically it for that and I don’t know if there’s much point in looking on this beach, but I Just wanted to show you how I get ready so here I am Good to go LIKE ANDSUBSCRIBE and be nice Thanks for tuning in like and subscribe please and be nice Okay, thanks guys. See you on the next one. Bye Stay tuned….

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