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(upbeat jazzy music) Hello, welcome to a new edition of the
Kellyco product review series. Today we’re going to take a look at the Nokta Impact. The Nokta Impact is a multi-frequency metal detector that allows you to uncover all types of hidden treasure. Let me show you some of its great features. The Nokta Impact combines multiple detectors in one to utilize cutting-edge technology, enabling a unique, yet easy to use detector experience for new to experienced detectorists. The Impact comes with a
waterproof double D 11 by 7 inch search coil, and a waterproof 7.5 by 4 inch double D search coil. It boasts 12 search modes designed to
hunt out different targets such as coins, relics and deep treasure caches. It has two non-motion modes with audio discrimination, two all metal modes with
audio discrimination, eight discrimination modes, cog mode, 2 tone, 3 tone, 4 tone, 99 tone, deep mode, conductive ground mode, VLX 1 and VLX 2. All of these features can be accessed by the backlit LCD display. The Impact comes with three
ground balance options, automatic, manual and tracking. So it operates extremely
well in different terrains including, but not limited to, wet beach sands and parks, allowing you to search without any further adjustment if you wish. If you are an expert, there are some special modes just for you like notch filter, tone break and iSAT. The iSAT allows for a stable operation of the device by eliminating false signals caused by high mineralization and hot rocks in the all metal and discrimination modes, as well as eliminating threshold drifts caused by ground and temperature changes in the static modes. The Impact is also ahead of its time
with modern technology. It has online firmware update capability, just connect the USB to your PC. There is also 2.4 gigahertz wireless technology built into
the unit, so you can go wireless with your headphones. Note, the wireless headphones are sold separately. This machine has factory default
settings, or the ability to save your own settings. It comes with a vibration mode,
an LED flashlight, easy to pull trigger pinpointing, runs off 4 AA batteries and only weighs 4 pounds, including the coil and batteries, which is easy to manage due to the adjustable wide arm cuff. It comes with the following
factory included accessories, a waterproof 11 by 7 double D search coil, a waterproof 7.5 by 4 inch double D search coil, detector stand, USB cable, AC and car charger, headphones, 4 AA rechargeable batteries, protective covers, extra lower shaft, and carrying bag that could be used as a backpack. If you’re looking for depth and advanced
discrimination ability, the Impact, just like its name, is customizable to any hunting site or hunting style, and will surely make a great impact on your future detecting finds. If you’d like more information on the Nokta Impact, visit our website. That does it for this edition of the Kellyco product review series, and as always, happy hunting.


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