Nokta Makro Simplex+ in Ricerca Vera con Digger Giò – Metal Detecting

Hello everyone today I’m going to test the new Simplex Here in italy in this kind of land, my favourite setting is Field but i will show after the intro Today i’m going to show you my favorite setting in this kind of land You can see that in simplex. We have four modes all-metal Field that I used today Woods and beach on the Left we have sensitivity and we can these two buttons Going up and down we can decrease or increase the sensitivity Then we have settings here pushing this button We can decrease or increase the volume and Pushing another time this button We have the ground balance that you always have to do before you start using your metal. Sometimes there can be Interferences outside so you choose with two buttons the frequency we prefer When on we have the possibility with this button to connect patterns on your metal Then we have the brightness of the display that you can Decrease or increase with these two buttons. The last function is the possibility to turn on a flashlight That is in the backside of your metal detector And here it is our target We are in a wood and I’ve got the two metals the simplex and the Anfibio So which one I’m gonna choose will One let’s go with the Simplex Okay, very very stable swings between 66 and 67 Since the target is on surface in this situation It can be really useful to use an instrument like this Nokta Makro Knife so We are going to dig it Now we’re using the Pulse pointer Okay, here it is our target it’s the quadrant our watch Really interesting We supported the pointer now to see the point Okay. Yeah, we can use again the Nokta Makro knife really useful In this situation And then we use the Pulse pointer again Okay, okay I can see something here my gosh. Oh Here it is Wow It’s a little bit dirty but is another coin Even if today I was in a wood I used as usual the field modality That is the best one for me, especially for the kind of territory where I used to go out with my metal So I hope you enjoyed my video and see you to the next one


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