NuCam AW Dashcam 1080p 60fps Wifi – STEALTH DASHCAM REVIEW

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Ryan! Welcome to
another video! Today I’m gonna show you this amazing dashcam it’s the NuCam
AW 1080p 60p Full HD Wi-Fi dashcam I hope you like this video, so sit back,
relax and enjoy! okay let’s have a look what’s in the box there you have it guys, NuCam AW video recorder. You will need the mobile app. Few specs. Please note this
camera records in 1080p 60fps, not 1296p! It has the Ambarella chipset, the new one the a7LS75, Wi-Fi connectivity, G sensor built-in microphone, supports up to 64 GB
SD card, low light capability, it has a field of view of 160 degrees. I’ll show
in a minute the app you need to work with the dashcam. Let’s have a look at
the camera itself, is a very small camera very stealth and discreet. There you go! Looks good! Comes with the a permanent adhesive mount, rotates 360 degrees A speaker…. I think. It has a
on/off button and a video button Start and stop recording I believe There’s a reset button and the recording
charging LED on this side it has the on/off Wi-Fi switch and worth
mention that this camera comes with a 32 GB SD card. Like I said before this is
a very discreet camera, the quality looks good it’s plastic of course, it’s very
light, small as you can see. I like it! Wwhat else can we find in the box… let’s have a look. Oh, it comes with another adhesive mount. Charger the suction cup mount and thr USB lead. Mini USB what’s this pamphlet with some other NuVending products… has the camera, have a look at their Amazon store you should
find more products you like. okay… and comes of course with a user manual. Pause if you need to have a quick read. if you don’t want to use the permanent
mount you can swap it with the suction cup, just in case if you like to remove the
camera or have the camera in different cars. Okay, enough of this let’s look at
some footage play the tape in three two one okay this is me on a traffic jam, as you
can see by the time, it was getting a bit darker and nevertheless the quality it’s
pretty good in my opinion, of course. I’m going to pause the video just try to get
a license plate so you can see the quality. As you can see the detail is
there, you can see three cars three plates, if you had a car on the left
you’d see that one as well. Does look like 60fps do make the difference There you go guys, some details about the file. As you can see it’s a 1080p file 60fps I will join another clip shortly let me
fast forward the video a bit next cliff will join shortly. Listen to
the sound… There you go! Another clip. No footage was lost, which is always a good thing, of course I will pull now to the service station.
Please note the sign details you can almost read everything okay time for some night footage. I will let you guys decide if you like it or not. I like it.
it was pretty dark by then, this is a very well lit road, nevertheless I don’t
think it’s… The view angle 160 degrees I believe as you can tell
it picks up 7 lanes okay now the direct sunlight test. Tell
me what you think in the comments below let me know if you like the quality of
the footage okay another test, now let’s test the
internal camera microphone. So what you’re hearing now is the sound picked from
camera’s microphone at the moment I’ve got my windows open let me close the
window now with the window closed this is how
it sounds like now I’m going to indicate left I hope the camera picked up the sound of
the indicator. Let me show you the mobile app now. So pretty standard do a search
for Wi-Fi networks you find the AmbaC77722, password is 1 to
0 and the app is called Linkineyes so in the app we have a live feed from
the camera you’ll see the date time resolution, at the bottom you have a
button to see the media on the card and then you can download it directly to
your phone. All the settings in this camera controlled by the app. Let me show you really quick what you can do you can do You can pick the resolution of the video, photo,
date stamp, video quality, etc. You can also choose how long you want your Clips
to be, 1 to 5 minutes, and basically that’s it!
oh and of course you can also take pictures with this camera let me show you guys the HDR 1080p 30fps
how does it look like if you want to have a look there’s a
link in the description for this camera and that’s it guys! Thank you very much
for watching, I really hope you like this video, if you do please leave it a thumbs
up, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you on the next one!

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