People counting demonstration using TI mmWave sensors

This demonstration showcases
millimeter wave’s ability to provide a unique sensing
data set– range, velocity, and angle, for
multiple objects– and how that data
set can be used to enable applications
that detect, locate, and count people,
both indoors and outdoors. Inside this room, we
have an IWR1642 EVM mounted at 2 meters on a
tripod with a downtilt, in order to see
people in the space. In this demo, we use a C674X
DSP onboard the IWR1642 to detect, locate, and track
moving targets in the scene. Since we have
velocity information from millimeter wave,
we can use that data to ignore objects
that are static, like the chair and table. Moving objects, like
people, can be located with a high degree of accuracy. In this configuration,
we show whether a person is inside or outside one of the
two boxes drawn on the ground. Finally, state-based
tracking ables us to separate multiple people,
even in crowded environments, and maintain an accurate
count of people in the room. This capability could be used
in a variety of applications where the detection and
localization of people is of importance,
especially where privacy or robustness to
indoor or outdoor environmental conditions is critical
to the application. Millimeter wave could even be
paired with a camera in order to add intelligence to
video security systems, or with factory
robots to identify when a person is getting
close to moving machinery. To learn more about
millimeter-wave sensors and access EVMs, source
code, and algorithms used to replicate this example,
please click on the link below. Thanks for watching.

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