Plugable 4K Ultra HD USB 3.0 Graphics Adapter on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

hi I’m Bernie Thompson I’m the founder of pluggable technologies and I wanted to show you our exciting new adapter that enables connecting or K displays onto any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC that has a USB port and the PC that we’re showing it on today is actually the surface 3 tablet so we have a surface 3 connected off of that we have a pluggable USB 3 hub it’s the USB 3 hub 10 C 2 which is our top-of-the-line 10 port hub with charging off of that we have a pluggable UGA 4k DP which is our new 4k enabled USB graphics adapter with a display port interface which lets you get to some really cool new generation of displays that are 4k capable and off the other side we have actually a prototype adapter that we’re not launching yet but we wanted to give you a sneak peek of which is really the same thing with HDMI out and here we have an HDMI 4k display and here we have a DP 4k display both of these displays are at 3840 by 2160 resolutions so a huge number of pixels so what’s so cool about this is we’ve got three screens here so this is the Windows screen resolution control panel you probably can’t see it but it’s showing those resolutions there the surface 3 screen itself is 2160 by 1440 and so we can just simply drag between these and make use of all of this huge amount of screen real estate so you know regular Windows dialogues show quite small but if you’ve got a browser up you’re able to control the DPI that browser to kind of make it fit you know whatever is good for your eyes increase the font size or get really small to fit a lot on the page same thing over here where you’ve got a bunch of kind of images up we can shrink that down and you know fit a whole bunch of images on there and you know if we were really were doing stock trading you know we’re able to have a ton of information here on the screen at one time on this is using the same display link technology that we use in all of our other USB graphics adapters and docks except it’s the very latest display link DL 5500 set which is really the first adapter that’s available worldwide with that chip in it and it’s the first display link chip that supports 4k resolutions these monitors actually have come down quite a bit in price already they’re already in the halfway point to a thousand dollars or in that range and the prices will only obviously drop over time what do you need to know about this well one note about performance with 4k you’re talking here about four times as many pixels as you would have with a 1080p screen so if you picture a normal 1080p monitor it would fit in basically a quarter of this that’s a lot of extra pixels that need to get processed by the CPU sent out over the USB bus so one of the things you’ll notice is performance is pretty good here but as I move around this window you notice just a little bit more lag than you might be used to if you’re a display linked user on 1080p you know we always give the warning that you know USB graphics is awesome for kind of business applications and web use the kind of things we’re showing here and we always warn that it’s not good for 3d gaming or motion video where basically you’re looking for perfect pixel updates across the entire screen so good for stock traders good for programmers good for anybody who is an information worker and needs to have a lot of Windows up at one time maybe working on a document or sub graphics design work where this many pixels is really helpful and the wonderful thing about USB and about the display link technology is not just limited to a single 4k display we can keep attaching displays we only have two of them attached here but we could actually just buy additional adapters plug them into a hub like this and be able to connect at least six or more for this generation of display link chip that supports the 4k modes it is Windows 7 and Windows 8 only so this is the first of our products that we’ve actually dropped Windows XP support on so if you’re running Windows XP you’ll want one of our existing other adapters like the UGA 165 or the UGA 3000 that use the splay link first or second generation ships all support XP no problem this one with 4k support Windows 7 Windows 8 and 8.1 only and even though the adapter that we have here the UGA 4k DP is DisplayPort out only you can actually use a DisplayPort to HDMI converter in order to also display to an HDMI monitor you have to be really careful though because those DPD HDMI converters come in all sorts of flavors and you’ll want one that really does support this kind of 4k high res mode which can sometimes be a little tricky to find but if you’ve got a monitor that has DisplayPort input you don’t need a thing just get the UGA 4k DP and you’re ready to go connecting one or many 4k monitors to any windows 7 or windows 8 tablet or PC like the surface pro 3 hope you find this as exciting as we do and if you have any questions at all feel free to comment below or just email us at support at pluggable comm thanks


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