Plustek PS186 High Speed Document Scanner, with Auto Document Feeder

Plustek PS186 High Speed Document Scanner. The Powerful Document Scanner for Quick and
easy organization to reduce paper clutter, storage space and unmanaged paper work at
home or the office.Plustek PS186 is the scanner intuitively guides you though every step of
scanning process. With compact design and price point attractive. PS186 is the perfect
tool for home office and SOHO users. PS186 have 50ipm scan speed and 50 sheets Auto Document
Feeder, which allows you to breeze through stacks of document – from business card to
photo, extra long papers, and more. Advanced Scanning functionality PS186 can scan up to
600 DPI resolution. The art of organize your tax bill!
Keeping your receipts for your tax bill can make itemizing expenses less challenging.
With the deadline gradually approaching, you don’t need to panic for tracing business
bill, work lunches and any other expenditure that might help you getting refund from tax
department. With the PS186, you can easily scan and categories your tax bill, make your
tax process easier and efficient. The integration with shipping document and
barcode! The PS186 enables barcode scanning, which
can automatically set your barcode name as file name. If you are a warehousing worker,
logistic department or recipient, this can help you tracking item without open the shipping
slip one-by-one. Monitoring your electricity and gas bill more
accurate and easy! Don’t want to check the electricity and
gas by checking each bill letter? The PS186 can help you appropriately! For those who
want to monitoring your bill but don’t want to abandon physical billing letter, now you
can scan your bill by PS186 and monitoring or categories them systematically. Not only
for bill charge but also for usage monitoring. Keeping your receipts for regular financial
control! Digitalized your receipts helps you separate
from business bill and personal bill, you don’t need to look up each receipts, only
need to scan them and put it in different folder. If you are a housekeeper, the PS186
can be a very useful tool for manage the expenditure. Keep your memory safe and shareable!
People say postcard is much like a journal, it reminds us of the time and location of
a journey. It also highlights the most beautiful and remarkable local attraction and culture.With
the PS186, you would never worry about losing it when moving or misplacing. You can make
it an album or a file as well.

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