POSMicro – Unitech Affordable Scanner Review

Hi, this is Jasmine from POSMicro.com, and
today we’re going to be looking at two Unitech scanners, the FC77, which is an omnidirectional
presentation scanner, and the MS842, which is a handheld 2D scanner. So first we’re going to look at the FC77.
This scanner is available in both 1D and 2D versions, the one we have there is the 1D
version. Both of the 1D and 2D versions are really affordable presentations scanners.
The 2D model is able to scan off of phones, so you can use it for mobile couponing and
stuff, but we’re going to look at the 1D version here. So you can see the scan pattern there,
there are lasers going in almost every direction which makes it able to scan in pretty much
any direction. In addition to that, it has an adjustable scan head, so you can aim the
scanner wherever you need it to be aimed at, which makes it easier in tight spaces and
things like that. We’ll do a scan test, these are just standard 1D barcodes. If it doesn’t
scan right away, you can kind of tilt the barcode at an angle and it’ll line up with
one of the lasers. In terms of damaged barcodes, it can scan wrinkled barcodes, but it has
a harder time with this barcode that’s been scribbled on, it doesn’t seem to read that
one at all. In addition, it has a harder time reading the faded barcodes, it doesn’t really
read those, but the well-printed barcodes it’s fine with. Some presentations scanners
have a trigger or a one beam option, this one doesn’t, so you’re kind of stuck with
the omnidirectional version. This model is protected against water spray and has a 3
foot drop spec. In terms of scanning under bright light, the FC77 does have a harder
time with it, it doesn’t really read well under bright light. In terms of range of the
FC77, it can scan from a couple inches away up to maybe 10 inches or a foot. So next we’re going to look at the MS842.
It’s a 2D area imager, this is the standard version but it’s also available in a high
density version. It’s a very competitively priced scanner, like the FC77. You can see
it has a crosshair surrounded by a field of light. And it scans really well. So it can
scan your standard 1D barcodes, but it can also scan 2D barcodes like QR codes, and it
doesn’t have any problems with the more faded barcodes, or the damaged barcodes. You can
also see it’s a really quick scanner which is really nice. In addition to printed barcodes,
the MS842 can also scan off of mobile phones, so it can be used for mobile couponing and
things like that. It also scans well under bright light. Overall, it’s an easy to use
scanner, the trigger is in a really nice position so it’s comfortable to hold, and it has an
IP54 seal, so it’s protected against dust and water splashes, and it has a 6 foot drop
spec. Overall, these are both affordable scanners.
The FC77 is a good entry level presentation scanner. If you’re looking for a 1D presentation
scanner, this is pretty much the most affordable you’re going to find out there. If you’re
going to get the 2D version, it’s pretty competitively priced, there are other scanners out there
that are probably going to be better in terms of 2D, but if you’re looking for entry level 1D, this is definitely the way to go. In terms of the MS842, it’s actually a really great 2D scanner, it’s affordable,
there’s not very many other scanners out there that are quite as affordably priced and it
scans pretty well. I was definitely impressed by how well it scans. For more information
or to purchase, please visit us at POSMicro.com. Thanks!

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