Rainbow Crystal Ritual

I love to work with the colors of the rainbow
and also the crystals that align to them because it reminds me that life is full of blessings,
so this is a simple technique that when you use the color the rainbow to draw with, when
you use the crystals it helps you to remember the blessings are all around you. The rainbow crystal ritual for making wishes. what you’ll need to get started: a blank piece
of white paper, colored pens, pencils, crayons, or markers, and 7 crystals the colors of the
rainbow. Red Jasper. Orange Carnelian. Yellow Citrine. Green Malachite. Blue Lapis. Purple Amethyst. and White Clear Quartz. The Rainbow Crystal Ritual process. Pick a color pencil and draw the smallest
arch first, from left to right. Next, pick a new color and draw the second
arc. Then with a new color, draw the third arc. Place a dot in the center of the bottom arc. Then in another color, draw a line that spans
the width of the smallest arc. Draw a line that looks like a side of a triangle
from the bottom of the left side of the rainbow, to a few inches above it. Connect the top of the line you just drew
with a symmetrical line on the other side. Repeat going over this pattern 20 times, connecting
to the therapeutic aspect of the drawing process. Then write wishes underneath the rainbow. Lastly, place your rainbow stones on top of
this sacred geometry drawing, in a rainbow arc, setting an intention of a new beginning,
positive mindset and all your wishes.


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