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Rare Metals

Is the word metal detector industrial have a meaning to you. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I Say what I think it says. Oh my goodness Hi and welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt, I’m DK with adventures in dirt today We’re going to talk about rare rare coins found with metal detectors telling you spent a great week for metal detecting out there and there’s been a ton of just Ultra rare coins and ultra rare finds coming up in the videos out there. You guys are putting out so great job I’m going to show you a few of them today. I’m going to show you one of the most sought-after Indian Head pennies out there I’m going to show you some early colonial coins One of the first coins minted and then we’re going back to England for the second time in a month.

Can you believe it? It’s going to happen again, and I’m going to show it to you amazing fine coming out of England well Let’s start off in Missouri and head over and check in with plug master Ford as he uncovered to one of the most sought-after Indian Head pennies out there check this out this week from plug master Ford watch this Which could be an Indian it was up underneath this route and just popped it out and I can see green I’m assuming it’s an Indian. It’s almost got to be I See anything yet. I’m looking through the viewfinder with you. Oh, yeah. Wow, that’s gorgeous You may see a date on it I can’t make it out So I’m going to zoom in a second and see if I can oh it’s an 18 Are you kidding me are You kidding me? Does that say what I think it says? Oh my goodness guys. Oh my goodness Okay, I’m going to stop touching it.

That’s an 1877 guys. Oh My word I can’t believe this hey Mike Take your gloves off I’m going to hit no both gloves. I’m going to ┬áhand you something promise me. You don’t rub it. Would you promise me you promise Me you don’t rub it Read the date don’t rub it please don’t rub it Oh my goodness guys 1877 that is the one I wanted Awesome. Are you kidding me in 1877 Indian Head Penny and in such great shape Wow, Jeff great job What a pull what a great job if you guys aren’t fans of plugg master Ford You need to head on over there check out his channel He’s recently started doing some storage unit auctions and I’m telling you those are some great videos Also, you need to go check it out.

Great job from plug master for it. Everyone links down below go become a fan Tell him you saw him right here on the weekly dirt Congratulations, Jeff Wow. What a find. Awesome job. Okay next up Let’s go check in with Potter County diggers as he pulled his oldest copper yet a very rare colonial coin Check this out from Potter County diggers. Watch this We’re having a tough time finding signals and I believe I finally got something that’s bigger than an Indian it may be a 2 cent piece, but here have a look I Haven’t pulled it out yet Kind of thin Yeah, why not be a 2 son I Don’t see anything honor let me get a toothpick on it Before it dries up.

This happens to be my Oldest U.S. Copper as you can see it. I can’t see through much my viewfinder, but after 1783 U.S. Nova constellation – 1780 Shakin, it’s a 1783 I’m not going to mess around with it anymore. Tell it figure out if it’s worth anything and on the back watch this I’m shakin. That’s two all-seeing eye nova Constellations were the first coin struck under the authority of the United States of America These pattern coins were struck in early 1783 and are known in three silver denominations and one copper denomination The Nova constellation patterns for the culmination of two years work on the part of Robert Morris Founding father credited with financing the Revolutionary War Morris hoped to unite the nation with a monetary unit that would allow for easy conversion from British Spanish Portuguese for state currencies into US funds Well, Kevin in the gang over there always doing such a great job If you’re not fan of their Channel links down below but a Nova Nova constellation Are you kidding great great coin amazing. If I ever found one, I don’t know what I do, right amazing fine ultra rare colonial coin Congratulations, Kevin great job. Everyone had over there.

Give him a big thumbs up say man. Great coin great fine Potter County diggers Got to go check them out. He did it again. Yeah, I’m telling you twice in a month. Can you believe it? Let’s head on over to England and check in with the Grimm bleeper as he pulls another one Don’t see the face there and the reef You know some people spend their whole life looking for a gold skater over there in England Just an amazing Celtic gold coin and you find two in less than a month. Are you kidding me? Wow, what an amazing job the grim bleep, er head on over there show them some support say hey, man, are you kidding? That’s an amazing find just an incredible rare gold stater showing the excitement.

I’m telling you excellent job from the grim bleep Er everyone head on over there show them some support links down below awesome job. Hey, you want to learn some history? Let’s go check in with Emerald City diggers They didn’t necessarily find an old coin but they found an old button that has quite a story and I’m going to share some of it With you check this out this week from Emerald City diggers.

Watch this Did you guys know in 1807 there was a king by the name Henry he was from Haiti and he had buttons ordered for his army King Christopher ruled until 1820 when he became very ill he couldn’t even hold up a cup at that time He committed suicide due to the Kings death The undelivered buttons actually end up being sold to the traders that were actually headed for the west coast of the United States Nathaniel Wyatt was a fur trader and he had all those buttons sold to him The bugs were load up on a ship and headed to the West Covina stop in Hawaii Before they went to the savvis Islands, which was his trader post Which is now close to Port Authority once the buttons made it to wife’s Trading Post They were actually traded to the Indians that he needs would take two buttons and they would trade him to other tribes Hey guys, I just got another target and It appears to be it looks like it’s a flat button I’m not really sure at this point in time But it’s got some writing on it.

It’s got a couple different things going on Pretty cool fine. I’ll take it and get it back get it cleaned up and I’ll let you guys know But I have no idea. I like it see in the next Wow 1809 to 1819 Haitian army button commissioned by the king made in England Shipped to Portland. Are you kidding me? Just amazing travel story if you want to see the entire story there’s a lot more to it than I could put on this clip head on over there to Emerald City diggers go check in with Them and watch that entire video. It’s a great one, but congratulations to Emerald City diggers. You everyone go check them out? Hey, you know one of my videos here recently had some good luck and triggered the algorithm.

That’s right It triggered the suggested algorithm and I got a lot of views from it and a good amount of subs and I want to welcome You that are new to my channel that have come in through that video But I was so Honored when Nicko with morning Fame decided to honor me by featuring my channel and my success with that video in his latest video About triggering the suggested algorithm You can catch that video here in this card and go check it out if you like Also, I’ll put a link down below to it.

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It’s a great tool. Hey, I got a few announcements for you Here we go Hey you part of my giveaway, that’s right I’m giving away a metal detector here at adventures in dirt and you can catch the link down below I’ll put a card right up here and you can go get involved that giveaway.

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