Raspberry Pi with VGA display using a HDMI adapter

Hi! Today I’m going to check if you can use Raspberry Pi with a VGA monitor for whatever reason. If you don’t have HDMI port in your monitor, in your display and you have to use VGA let’s check if it works. So over here I have Raspberry Pi, model 3B. With some system on it. No keyboard. No network. And I have this nice little adapter. OK, and let’s check…
Let’s check if it works. So this goes over here… This goes over here and… and power. OK. And as you can see it works! My system is just booting up.
It booted up pretty nicely. Let’s check what resolution do we have. OK, so I have the FullHD, yeah? On D-Sub connector. OK! So as you can see you can use VGA cables, VGA monitors/displays with Raspberry Pi over the HDMI adapter like here. This is a really cheap adapter. You don’t need to buy any expensive converters.


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