Review of Jensen VX3020 Car Receiver

Hey I’m Josh and this is a review of our
new car receiver the Jensen VX3020 we gave this to my mom for Christmas and
installed it in her 2009 Nissan Versa on Christmas Eve and she loves it so let’s get into it it’s got three buttons on
the left ‘Eject’ for CD’s and DVD’s, ‘Menu’ ‘Power’ with a volume knob and then a little door that has a USB and headphone jack and you can do audio and
video into either of these if your device supports it Got this for $200 off and the great thing about ordering from
Crutchfield is they’ll send you the wiring harness
that matches your car so it makes installing
the radio very easy the only extra pieces you have to buy are these little wire splicers you may need to buy two sizes I got the 16 to 14 gauge one’s, those are the
blue ones and the pink ones are 22 to 18 gauge wire I think I just used the pink ones, the
22-18 gauge wire alright so let’s just run through all the
cool things it can do first radio, it’s got many presets you can go directly to a channel seek, AM / FM and it’s also got DVD player let’s try that out. I turned beeping on so you can tell when I’m touching the screen but you can turn it off. The screen is 6.2 inches diagonal, I think it is 800 pixels across by 480 down. It’s not full screen 4:3 aspect ratio. It’s
widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, the ratio of most DVD movies.
it’s clear it’s bright, crisp. It’s very bright
outside right now it’s christmas time, it’s snowy so there’s white all around but I can easily see the screen it’s great for daytime use and that’s why I’m wearing this blanket because it’s freezing in here let’s see what else, you can change video mode to fullscreen or normal so if I change it to normal and go back into the movie you can see this is an old, Sharktale movie in fullscreen so it’ll have black bars on the sides if you have a super widescreen movie it’s gonna have black bars up and down you can make it fill up the screen by
just changing it to fullscreen mode I do wanna tell you a little secret
about this radio most radios, modern radios that have movie playback have safety features where you have to have the brake engaged or be in park to play movies. On this one all you have to do is take the wire that would normally go to the brake and
ground it so in this car (2009 Nissan Versa) there’s
a metal frame back here with a screw in it that’s a
grounding screw and you just take the wire and with
the screw kind of hold it onto the metal bar and then the radio always thinks you’re in park and you can play movies while you’re
driving. Obviously don’t watch movies while you’re driving but if you’re on a road trip or something and passengers want to watch a movie it’s good for that oh yeah and when you’re
watching videos you can use the controller it comes with a remote or on-screen controls so let’s move on to
Bluetooth You can pair up to five devices for music streaming or
calling so far we’ve tested an iPhone 4, iPhone
4s 5, 5c, and 5s We have a lot of phones we haven’t tested a 6 or 6 plus. We also
tested a Samsung Galaxy s4 The iPhones were awesome. They streamed great, no skipping, very good. The Galaxy s4 was terrible. it was skipping all over the place but if you have an Android device and you
buy this receiver and it’s not working all you have to do is go to and search for Jensen VX3020 and download the firmware update onto your
computer and just follow the instructions you’ll put
it on a thumb drive, a flash drive and you put in here and basically install the firmware update
that will make it happy Alright so I waited until night time to give
you a shot of what it looks in the dark the radio is pretty bright and you can’t
turn the brightness down so just be aware of that. This is the screen
for Bluetooth music and you can control
it from the screen or your phone I just wanted to show you streaming. It’s pretty good this is an iPhone 4s and I will say we didn’t change the speakers at all we still have our stock car speakers in but just by installing this
receiver we could tell that we had noticeably better sound. I don’t know if it’s more
power being pumped out or what but the the sound was clearly better so that’s music streaming I also want to add that the radio
has the feature of auto connecting and if you leave that on every time you get into the car your
phone will just auto connect and start playing music and
that’s kinda nice and you can turn that on/off in the settings. Now I’m gonna do the
most magical thing ever and reverse time back to daytime. So this radio also supports rear view cameras and steering wheel controls buttons for controlling the radio right here this car doesn’t have that but if
yours did you just wire them in when you wire up to the wiring
harness you can also do video in and out that’s what these aux channels are for it has an equalizer it comes with a few random presets you can move the sound around, fade it forward, back, left, and right you can change how the radio functions I’m in America so I’m in the USA region if you’re in Europe it does support
European tuning. If you have a rearview camera you can flip the image it’s showing you you can passcode the DVD player if you
want if you have children of course you need a microphone to
make calls so this receiver comes with one. I installed it right up here. I was told this is the best
place It can hear everyone in the car and it’s better than over here somewhere because of
road noise being right by the door and probably
better than right here because of steering wheel noise. It really comes down to preference just wherever you
want it I found this to probably be the best
place. When you install the microphone be very gentle the wire is pretty thin and you don’t wanna bend it or smush
it or crimp it in any way otherwise the person on the other end of the phone
might hear static and it won’t be a great signal the way I got it up here was to
gently pull down on this headliner so the wire is just running over here It’s very loose it’s not being squished
and then I took out this plastic this A-Pillar, it just pops off and these parts pop off as well, a couple
screws in there, not a big deal I just took zip ties and had a
couple holding it real loose and gentle down into here I ran it underneath here but above the steering linkage down here. Down here and into the back and I made sure it wasn’t getting squished or bent or pressed by any of these pieces that will insure for a good signal for the person on the other end of the phone. If you have a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth or you just wanna
plugin you can plugin USB here and this is the
USB channel. It goes into iPod mode when you connect your device and you can play music, it shows the album artwork you can also see your playlists and artists
here you can control it from here or your
device you can play video as well if you have videos on your phone or iPod or whatever
you can play video right through here if your device supports it you can also do pictures Overall, great buy. We’re very happy. The
Bluetooth music streaming is great the phone calls are clear, DVD player is
awesome, the touch screen controls are not great. Sometimes they don’t
work its old-school touch screen technology
and it’s just not the best sometimes you
have to hit the screen couple times and it’s a little bit annoying but it’s not a deal breaker. As you can see most of the time I only have to tap it one time for the price this thing is awesome Total time, I think was about three hours, two and a half, three hours. That includes everything. splicing the wire harness to the wires coming out the back of this
and actually installing it in the car and I
went pretty slow to make sure I didn’t mess up and I was very gentle with the mic
wire and taking all the stuff off so certainly you will be able to do it in three
hours splicing the wiring harness to the new wires coming out of the new radio is
probably the most technical part of the installation and it’s pretty
easy you’ll take the wiring harness and the
wires coming out here and you’ll just match up colors you’ll take the wiring harness wire, blue, or whatever
color, crimp it and then the other wire coming
out of the new radio crimp it and that’s it you just match them up and if you have steering wheel controls
or a rear view camera you’ll have to do a few extra wires and if
you don’t have those things like this car doesn’t have those controls just make sure you crimp this on the end of
the wires that don’t match anything. close it off, crimp it off so that you don’t have wires hanging around because you can short
stuff out one thing that I’m a little bummed about
is the background, this kind of green and
black looks like rpm speedometer pictures you can’t change
that it’s just there and you can’t change the wallpaper
one thing I wanted to add in the back of this radio it has video
and audio in and out. I think it had a yellow composite video cable and red and white audio cables in and out so you can hook a device
into that and play video on the screen or play a DVD in here and play the video out
somewhere else like to another tv or something like that so overall this radio is awesome and while it’s brand new to us it’s not
the newest Jensen product ever. This is a 3000
series they also make 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 thousand series if you have a newer iPhone or newer Android
device you may want to look at the 4,5,6,7,8, or 9 thousand series ones because they’ll have some cool stuff like
app integration but for $200 you can watch DVD’s,
stream Bluetooth music, make phone calls. I think that covers just
about everything. I hope this helped. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you

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