RF transmitter and receiver circuit

DNA electronix Presents RF transmitter and receiver circuits components used in circuits like this is the transmitter circuit this is the receiver circuit this is the antenna via which we can send the data we required 750K ohm resistor for transmitter as we dont have exactly 750K ohm resistor so here we connected 5 resistor each having 150K ohm value so 150*5=750K ohm these are the switches from which we can give the input to the HT12E and encoder will convert that data in to serial form and serial data will transmitted through this transmitter here we have used the transmitter having frequency 433Mhz at the receiver side these are the 4 LED’s showing that which button is pressed at the transmitter this is the led showing that which generally used for indication of communication link these two wires are used for giving power supply lest begin and turn on the power supply these led are not blinking and we dont given power supply to transmitter so there is no link established in receiver and transmitter as soon as we give supply to transmitter this led glow it indicates that the connection done these 4 led are glowing Initially as we havnt send data from transmitter if i pressed switch then then that particular led will turned off and this led will blink fast indicated that data is recieving left side led turned off it indicates that we have send data 1 from transmitter just because of that the light is off this led is blinking it indicate that we getting data from transmitter we press switches then in this way transmission an reception of data done its in very simply manner Encoder IC used at the transmitter side decoder ic receiver IC thank you very much and thanks for watching this


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