Scratched watch face – how to fix it – sapphire crystal glass. Tissot PRS200

hello youtube i just thought i would do a video a little bit unusual i bought a new watch recently tissot prs200 it is a nice watch, i like nice watches had some spare money, and thought i would treat myself i then wore it work one day and ended up scratching the glass it is sapphire crystal glass i thought of taking to a jeweller, but googled what to do instead i found a product on ebay it is a diamond polish paste you can buy there is two different grades i purchased diamond polish compound one is a 1/4 and one is 3 the higher the number the more coarse it is you then polish the glass using a rag or a cloth i used some paper towel it took about 15 minutes of polishing then i went from the 3 down to the 1/4 grade then polished the whole face of the watch and it has come up very nicely i also had some scratches on the metal of the watch but because its stainless steel i was able to use metal polish on that the two tubes of diamond cutting compound cost me $13 it took about 15 minutes with a bit of patience if you do have a nice watch tag heuer, brietling, etc rolex

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