Sensors for your sweat

This wearable sensor can track the composition
of your sweat and send the data to your phone. Athletes can use information from sweat to
prevent fatigue before it starts. These four pads change color to measure chloride,
glucose, pH, and lactate. A channel fills with sweat to gauge water
loss. These indicators provide information about
hydration status and electrolyte balance, as well as the total amount of water lost
to sweat. The ability to quickly and easily measure
these things with a phone is a huge improvement over the previous, lab-bound technologies
for sweat monitoring. The sensor is rugged and flexible enough to
move — even during strenuous exercise. It may also have medical uses in the future,
like tracking blood sugar without the need to collect blood. This smart little sensor is probably the first
thing that actually wants to be around your sweat!


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