Sondeln / Metal Detecting – Eierschwammerl-Happiness – Ep. 20 – Sonde Mundart

Chanterelle-Happiness Welcome back to Pt. II… We remember from Ep. 18 There was the silver coin… If I remember correctly… I think it was the 1 Kreutzer coin 1800 And now where is the other stick gone? Ahh, right down there This was the fat Kreuzer coin from the 17?? I am a little out of breath Ohh look… I’ve been lucky Wasp nest And I’m unpacking my stuff right next to them, great I’m gonna leave this spot around the wasp nest Let’s take a close look up there The day starts great. Forgotten to record this dig. But it’s a button. In the line of the planted sticks. Very interesting… A big hole… the signal was very weak I’ve got some info about the GB value from a very nice detecting colleague Somewhere down there… Gone… Ah, here it is 1 Kreuzer. Very common in this area. It was very deep down Let’s take a closer look about the depth. This was surely approx. 10″ (25cm). Wasps again… Where are they coming from? But… …looking farther right what do I see? My lost toothbrush from Ep. 18. All roads lead to Rome 🙂 Suface find… My first complete spoon. Look what I have found… Looks like a ring. Copper? It’s a little beveled… This aluminium coin looks always like silver on the edges This find the very first time on video A huge weight… Welcome back and I’m out of breath again 🙂 Very steep here… These are the same woods where I found the silver coin from Ep. 18 This was over there somewhere… The stick is still there We are now farther left and hoping for some good finds Wish me luck …found chanterelles There are more I know that 🙂 These are great ones… …and a lot of mosquitos What’s wrong camera, come on 🙂 Something made out of zinc… Trash Oh no, zinc trash again… The second one from this hunt. I am on the way to my car… Car parks down there in pole position 🙂 As a detectorist it’s impossible too not sweep heading back home Could be a “Heller” coin… Deep signal once again… Maybe I should turn the pinpointer on 🙂 Oh we are still rollin’… Nevermind, iron trash A button… Sadly without the shank. This ones a beautiful one Don’t know which specific button… Should be close to the surface… Or I’m misleading I have no idea… Looks like a fire figure Very interesting…


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