Sondeln / Metal Detecting – Praise the Lord – Ep. 25 – Sonde Mundart

Welcome back to the field were I found 2 silver coins. Again freshly ploughed. Let’s see if I’m lucky. Coin right on the surface. So much EMI’s today it’s crazy. Oh, look. Could be 5 Reichspfennig WWII era. Could also be 5 Groschen “Groat”. Zinc material. But unfortunately completely worn. Part from a buckle. Sadly it’s broken. Huge iron. Can anyone explain what it could be? Hey, my earplugs fell off. I have only the Deus combination with the remote control. Heller coin? Should have done a live dig. Look at this huge coin. Which coin is it? Part from a harmonica. My cell phone is also ringing. Let’s try again a live dig. Live dig fail. Trash Huge hole. But the coin was on the right side. I don’t know. Completely worn. Maybe a 5/10 Kreuzer coin. Look here. Right in the clod. Very thin. Actually a 5/10 Kreuzer coin. Back were I was walking a few minutes ago. Right there in my footsteps. A crucifix or a half part of Jesus. And again a piece from a harmonica. Now I have a complete one 🙂 Why do I try live digs? It’s trash again. Button again. Right on the surface. A completely worn 1 Kreuzer coin from 1800. My new walking stick. I guess the farmer needs it 🙂 Could this be a whistle? I’m not quite sure. Bandage clip Now this is a stunning find. A crucifix made out of lead. Never seen something like that. A dog figure? Or a hare? Last find. I gotta go. I don’t know what’s that. Oh man… Shotgun shell or something like that.


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