Spectra VX3 and V3i – Introduction

White’s vx3 and v3i are whites flagship top-of-the-line models this is one of the few metal detectors that actually transmits and receives more than one frequency simultaneously you can run all three you can run a salt configuration or you can run one of the three individually the vx-3 is your base model it comes with the nine and a half inch coil it can use the wireless headphones as an option. The big difference between it other than the search coil is that the v3i has the more advanced options menu – quite a few more options for people that really like to change details about how the detector operates and how it acts. As sophisticated as the Vx3 and the v3i are, they are easy to operate. Pretty much you just turn it, on its going to go through a battery check and a starting sequence, you can press and release the trigger switch on the grip. If you want to ground balance it, it’ll track to the ground automatically – but if you want to ground balance it hold the trigger hold inter pump the coil a few times and it’ll smooth out the ground. Release the trigger and enter you’re ready to start searching. Of course the reason a lot of people love the VX 3 and the V3i is the multi frequency options and features. Now if I go across to frequency on my live controls I can just go arrow up and down and I can choose either all the frequencies all three or I can choose a salt configuration if I’m on a wet saltwater beach. Or I can choose one of the three frequencies separately. The lowest frequency 2.5 is best for hard metal silvers and coppers large targets that are deep. The center frequency 7.5 that’s good for brass and for lead. A lot of the relic hunters like that center frequency, and then of course the highest frequency is best for gold. It’s going to be more sensitive to your jewelry 22.5 – is quite a high frequency and that gives you a lot better sensitivity to nickel and gold. There are a couple more options to the multi frequency menu – one of them is called is called best data or correlate best data. We’ll look at the three frequencies it’ll pick the strongest one, meaning that’s going to give you your best data and it’ll just use that information exclusively. Correlate will use all three frequencies compare all three and come up with a decision based on on the three frequencies. Big difference best data is is your go-to, I think for me I use best date of the most correlate is better for high iron areas. If you really get into a lot of manmade iron a lot of nails – just iron everywhere – the correlate mode is going to give you a little bit better iron rejection. If you’ve got two or three vx3’s and v3i’s around they’ll tend to chatter a little bit. You can offset your frequencies with the V x3 and the v3i and get away from that interference from other metal detectors. So to adjust the sensitivity you just go over to sensitivity use your arrow up and down control to adjust your sensitivity. The RX gain is your preamp or your output your AC and DC sensitivity or your input gain level. One of the things you want to think about is your starting. Program coin and jewelry is a good general program to use all over the place. You can modify it what’s really nice about the vx3 and the v3i is if you change one of these basic programs, that change is automatically saved in memory. So if you turn it off if you change batteries if you come back next week your change is still there. If you turned up the volume, if you’ve changed the discrimination around, it automatically remembers everything. You don’t have to do anything to to keep that and hold that in memory. You can save it as a custom program and name it. If you want to use it forever and ever or you can just modify them and use them as you as they are. If you ever want to restore them to the factory programs there’s a pretty easy sequence in the menu where you could just restore those factory programs to their factory default settings. The vx3 and the v3i can optionally use the wireless headphones have had excellent results with these no delay. Nice quality wireless headphones another advantage of the wireless headphones is the mixed stereo mix mode. Whereby you can hear all metal in one ear and discrimination in the other ear. A lot of advanced users have had extremely good luck with that mode – it is a quite an advanced mode but if you really want to find things it’s a great mode to use. So if you want all the advanced features of multi frequency but you just want to turn it on and go the vx-3 is the way to go. If you want the advanced menu if you want to fine-tune that detector to your preferences and your conditions the v3i is the way to go. It has over 250 different user options that you can adjust there’s an advanced users manual that you can refer to you can also go to White’s website the forum has a lot of great advice from other users from all around the country and all around the world. If you’re looking for a true multi-frequency high-end metal detector you can’t go wrong with the VX 3 or the V 3 I


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