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Measuring distance with a IR sensor

Let’s play with this Sharp IR sensor it’s a Sharp 2Y0A21 infrared distance sensor since this sensor is not really breadboard friendly there is only these wires and this connector jap. can’t get if off anymore we’re using these hookups it comes a little arm out of it grab it the next and the last

IoT Applications: Connected Sensors

Let’s build a connected sensor. I’ll navigate to the connected sensor IoT application, where I can find material resources, along with a guide to help me generate code. First, I’ll set my API credentials so that I can use them with any of Temboo’s utility email Choreos. Next, I’ll create an email alert. This will

Arduino FM radio with Alexa voice control

“echo turn on bedroom radio” “OK” USB powered. There are two boards inside – arduino nano controlling FM radio chip, clock chip and lcd screen. And Wemos d1 r1 linking Alexa to two relays – power and led display backlight Tuning potentiometer selects preset radio stations and displays the frequency on the screen The backlight