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Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones Vol. 1

Warning: the following contains spoilers for seasons 1-3.For a spoiler-free version, click here.Just come back and watch the real version when you’re all caught up…wuss!From fiction’s most notorious serial killer,comes the TV adaptationof the medieval encyclopedia/ Dungeon Master’s Guide/pornothat is…Game of Thrones.God, that song’s cool!Get ready for the show that has viewers of the edge

Scat Scanner – That’s An App?

Hoo! Texting while walking shouldn’t be a crapshoot. Now with scat scanner, it doesn’t have to be. Scat Scanner utilizes your phone’s rear facing camera and built-in thermal sensor to scan the sidewalk ahead for s**tpiles so you can scroll through Instagram unscathed. “Step left. Step right.” It’s like playing Frogger, but instead of jumping