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Peak Detectors!

In this video I’m going to show you how to build a peak detector circuit and I’ll apply it to the clapper circuit made in an earlier video. There are many ways to build a peak detector, but I find this version to be the simplest. Now you’re probably wondering… What is a peak detector?

Metal Detecting Playgrounds!

Hey guys, welcome back, today we are going to talk about playgrounds. We got lucky today the weather is not the greatest, so there’s no kids… And we’ve had quite a bit of success finding some toys and coins and other things like that so today I’m going to be using the Tesoro Compadre, and

Unearth VANQUISH | Minelab Metal Detectors

Run! 1874 A.D. — Gustave Trouvé invents first metal detector prototype 1999 A.D. — Minelab introduces EXPLORER series metal detector 2004 A.D. — Garrett introduces ACE series metal detector 2011 A.D. Whites introduces COINMASTER series metal detector 2019 A.D. Minelab introduces VANQUISH series metal detector with Multi-IQ technology Victory Unearthed