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Diamond, the Super Crystal!

[ INTRO ] Today, Squeaks and I are looking at all kinds of super strong rocks! We can test which rock is harder by scratching one rock against another, and seeing which one doesn’t leave pieces behind. Hmmm … this rock isn’t so strong because it leaves some pieces behind when I scratch it against

Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Overview

[PASCO Wireless Sensors] [Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Overview] Hi, I’m Mike Blasberg, the Biology Education Manager. Today we’re going to be looking at the brand new Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS. Let’s take a look at what comes in the box. We have the Weather Sensor, instruction sheet, and micro USB cable. The sensor

KIC Scanners

Using the KIC Book Scanners. You can use the book scanners to quickly scan a few pages or a chapter from any Library book, so that you can easily access them from home. To start, place your book on the scanner bed with the spine lined up along the centerline. Press the big “Scan” button

Using the Microform Scanners

This tutorial is about using the microform scanners Once you have a call number or accession number for a microform document, head to the lower level of the library where the microforms are kept. The shelves are labeled just like the stacks upstairs, and all issues of the same periodical are stored together. Accession numbers