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PlacePod IoT Smart Parking Sensor from PNI Sensor Corporation

PNI Sensor Corporation introduces the PlacePod Smart Parking Sensor Research has shown that ongoing cruising for available parking spaces increases traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and stifles economic opportunities for businesses. The biggest challenge to achieving “smart” parking is accurate and timely vehicle detection. Introducing PlacePod™, a high-accuracy, IoT-enabled smart parking sensor that provides accurate

Dodocool DA134 – Smart phone Hi-Res Headphone Adapter gadget Review

Hello everyone are you thinking about smart phone headphone adapter I want to show you five reasons to use dodocool DA134 smartphone headphone adapter. then watched this video at the end Number one high-resolution audio certified comply with a high resolution audio standard (24-bit/192kHz) which requires much better audio quality than CDs (16-bit/44.1kHz) capable of