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Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Overview

[PASCO Wireless Sensors] [Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Overview] Hi, I’m Mike Blasberg, the Biology Education Manager. Today we’re going to be looking at the brand new Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS. Let’s take a look at what comes in the box. We have the Weather Sensor, instruction sheet, and micro USB cable. The sensor

Photoelectric Sensors – Retro-Reflective – Part 2 – Datalogic

In Part 1 of our photoelectric sensor series we examined thru-beam sensors and why they are the most reliable over long distances. Next on our list are retro-reflective sensors. Unlike thru-beam sensors, which have the emitter and receiver housed in different units, retro-reflective sensors have the emitter and receiver collocated. Once the light is emitted

Seal-whisker-inspired Sensing

It’s been several decades since people have hypothesized that marine animals could use their whiskers to detect flow features. Biologists at the University of Rostock discovered that, even if harbor seals are blindfolded and they have earmuffs on, they can chase the exact path an object took, several seconds earlier. The theory behind this is

IoT Applications: Connected Sensors

Let’s build a connected sensor. I’ll navigate to the connected sensor IoT application, where I can find material resources, along with a guide to help me generate code. First, I’ll set my API credentials so that I can use them with any of Temboo’s utility email Choreos. Next, I’ll create an email alert. This will

Traffic Monitoring using IWR mmWave Sensors

[MUSIC PLAYING] This video demonstrates how Texas Instruments single chip millimeter wave technology can enable smartish cities to be a robust long-range traffic mine using the IWR1642BOOST evaluation module. Additional traffic mining applications of the IWR1642 include intersection monitoring and parking spot detection. During this demo, the EVM is mounted at a height of 14