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The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

Radiation is frightening. At least, certain types of it are. I mean my Geiger counter doesn’t go off near my mobile phone, or the Wi-Fi router or my microwave. That’s because a Geiger counter only measures ionizing radiation — that is, radiation with enough energy to rip electrons off atoms. And it’s measured in units

Deep Human – Practical Skills for the Future (Book Trailer) by Crystal and Dr. Greg Lim-Lange

Perhaps you’ve noticed robots at the airport Or read that patients today are being diagnosed using big data Artificial intelligence and automation are transforming our lives but also taking away many of the tasks that humans used to do. Experts are predicting a Reskilling Revolution. So it’s not surprising that the number one concern we

Partner-assisted scanning

My name is to Telina Caudill. I work in the assistive technology program and this is Katelyn Smith, a USF graduate student and we’re going to demonstrate how to use partner assisted scanning with a letter board as a nonverbal mode of communication. So the first thing that you are going to want to do

Fix Epson Scanner Error

In this Video, Im going to illustrate how to fix Epson Printer’s Scanner Error When you turn on the printer, the scanner error message is displayed after a while…. The error message asks you to turn the printer on and off to fix the error….. That however does not work to fix the error, you