The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – Funko Pop – First Look

Darkness rises upon the land as we unveil
all new Funko Pop figures from the upcoming prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Restistance! Let’s jump in and see what new figures you
are going to want in your collection. First up is Deet who has some amazing details
all the way down to her braids. Deet is holding something in her hand, what
could it be? She comes with mini figure who looks a lot
like adorable. Next up is Rian who is holding a pouch in
his hand too, looks like he is ready for an epic adventure. Hup is a Podling also known as Pod People. It looks like we will finally get to know
one of these little creatures as a character. He either likes to cook or he is using that
spoon as a weapon. Aughra is a mystical creature full of knowledge
and humor. She’s missing an eye because she painfully
lost it witnessing the first great conjuction. The evil Skeksis who is covered in skeleton
armor and features very sharp blades looks amazing. Finally we have some exclusive figures like
a Young Chamberlain, A Glow in the dark Deet and a Special Limited Edition Skeksis that
looks like it’s got a silver gloss on all the armor and weaponry. That’s not all the figures we are getting,
Funko is also making action figures. Check out The Silk Spitter a giant spiderlike
creature. Here is the action figure versions of Rian
and Deet. Full of many details and we get to see wings
on Deet which look amazing. The Hup action figure shows off some more
spoons, he’s definitely looking like he’s ready to serve up a good meal but under estimate
the size of a Podling, he might just knock you out with that spoon. Aughra looks amazing here with her detailed
dress and staff. The skesis action figure has slightly different
armor but we also get a better look at the four arms and swords. It’s mind blowing to know we are finally returning
to the world of the Dark Crystal and I cannot wait for the new series to premiere on Netflix
on August 30. The figures are set to come out this September,
which figure do you want the most? leave your comment down below and hit that
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