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The Last Hunt for Saxon Treasure

Hello and welcome back! Today’s our finalday in England so we better get something big. Yeah, last day so we have to find something. We’re back on this little secret field. We have some reliable sources that say that this could be Saxon Field Probably somewhere over there. Saxon hedge or wall was over there. This is a medieval field and the finds we got from last episode maybe might confirm that. I’m not so sure about that but today we will confirm it. We will concentrate on that little area and find that silver Saxon sc eat or how you pronounce it. Some kind of gold coin, saxon gold coin. That’s on the menu today. Alright hang in there boys and girls My first signal of the day and I found this awesome looking belt buckle.

I know that the Saxons had belt buckles in the day also so maybe maybe this could be it maybe we were close to something big here because if you drop belt buckles you drop your pants and you drop your coins Wow! First hole on this saxon field and what do I get? Coin spill! Amazing! It was a superb signal There they all are. Just flipped over this little piece of soil. I’m gonna pull all three of them out together. One, two, three. There they were sitting. Where did I put them? I threw them somewhere here. There! There they are. One, two, three. These are no saxon coins but I can see they have been next to each other sitting there.

Oh pennies! Hello George George the third. Superb find! One, two,three. Yksi, kaksi, kolme in Finnish. Nice. Can we get a year on it? That’s 1800’s that much I know. Lets see if there’s anything else. If there’s three there might be four. I don’t think so. Excellent find. All right that’s a really great find for the last day. Still looking for the saxon stuff but very pleased with that. I just found this ring in the hole. it’s a copper ring.

Think it could be really old one actually. I can’t see any markings and such but hey, it’s an awesome find for today the first decent find today. I think this field could be really good good old Saxon stuff somewhere over there in the corner of the field, according to a farmer at least. I’m right on the edge of the field trying my luck and I got one perfect signal. Look what I found! It’s a copper thimble. You use these for sewing. This is a bit broken.

But you put this on your finger and then you sew something and this is actually right what I need because my pants. My father has been broken so I need to sew them this evening. That was a great find for me Oh my god!we got another coin spill! This field is the best ever. Sadly they don’t look that old. There they are smiling. They left nice impressions there and there Maybe there’s more than two of them. May be this has been a old park or something. Where people have been dropping money. Let’s pick the mup, there’s one, there’s two yeah how old would these be? One penny.

Look fairly modern. That’s nineteen hundreds and that’s a young Elizabeth to the left. What could that be 50s? I can’t see a year. Trying to make out the year but it’s a really nice-looking girl Elizabeth. One penny. I can’t say that much about that one. Same here. I can’t find a year sadly but I would say 50s, 60s,70s perhaps. I just dug up a second thimble from the hole so now I have two.

Is this a sign? That I should be some kind of Sewer? What is it called? Sewing man? Maybe, maybe. This will be my last signal in England on this trip. Joel is there digging his last one as well. Lets hope for the gold coin. What do we got this time? Pin pointer on. Somewhere in here. Let’s get the last one together. Somewhere here. Is it that? Nope. In there. Somewhere in here. I think. Hard work getting to the treasure. I see it,I see it. There. That’s a beautiful pull-tab. That’s it. I have to hurry to the airport. I will crack open a beer on the way. This will be my last signal in England and then it’s bye-bye for this time.

Let’s dig it up Maybe this will be my greatest find of this trip. I have it here. One of these bottle caps for needle pins. That’s it for me. If you have been following from the start of this season my first signal was a bullet and I will end my trip in a bottle cap for needles. That’s it!We found no evidence of the saxons. In this place at least. After three hours of looking, nothing. No saxon hedge. No saxon buttons. No saxon anything. Just modern coins.

So I think it’s just fairy tales that they have ever been here. Right? This myth is busted. Yes and that’s it for us from England. We spent 10 days and found some awesome finds. Check out the playlist if you haven’t already. Yes. Where do we go next? I don’t know. You can choose! Viewers decide! Write in the comments and invite us anywhere in the world. We’re crazy enough to come! You know that. At least we will come back to England someday. We will see when. Thanks for watching! Subscribe, Like, Share. True Vikings over and out.


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