TriMech Unboxes the New Artec Leo 3D Scanner

This is Brian from TriMech Solutions We’ve been waiting for our Artec Leo to arrive and it just showed up at our office here in Knoxville, TN. I’m excited to open it up. Let’s take a look at what we get here. So the Leo is the newest offering from Artec 3D. And unlike the Artec EVA and Space
Spider, Leo is going to be a completely cordless 3D scanning solution. So. Here.
It Is. Look at that. So, we don’t know yet if they ship with a charge in the battery. We’ll find out in a moment. But the idea here is that whereas other scanners need to be plugged into a laptop for the screen and for the software and need to
be plugged into the wall for power. This has its own little touch screen on the
back it’s actually got a nice little tilting display if you want to kind of
turn it upside down and scan under something it’s got a battery pack on the
bottom and you can scan completely cordless untethered and just walk all
over the place with it. Looks like we’re shipping in this nice case. We’ve got our cord and this would be the AC adapter and it’s got some space in the box for
extra batteries if you want to be able to charge a bunch of them up to start
the day and swap between each one should have several hours let’s take a look
here is the battery there it goes comes out for charging and I believe
there is a external charger you can get but if you just buy the Leo kind of the
bare minimum package is you would charge it in the scanner. So, let’s peel the
sticker off which is always part of the fun of getting a new piece of
electronics, right? We don’t know what’s going to happen here but let’s try it on. It’s lit up… all right All right – so we’ve got a license
agreement. I’ll go ahead and I need to connect to our Wi-Fi network. Connect.
All right and now we need to log in to our account for and
it’s downloading the calibration for this unit. We have a scanner name. Press
scan to create a new project. So the scan button, kind of cool on here, is the
trigger button on the handle – that is our scan. So we had
one member of our office here was nice enough to give us this car seat out of
her truck to let us scan. Makes for kind of an interesting target. all right so look at that there’s all colors I think some of the
red is areas that I haven’t scanned yet let’s try one thing So some of this data won’t match up
perfectly because the straps are flopping all over the place there it goes. It recognized from the
previous scan. Now I can come around grab some more very cool You’re getting that good? That’s got a
full battery. That is cool. I want to do one more. I’m curious when I finish if
we’ll be able to get the lollipop wrapper that’s stuck down in here Now this is not the fully detailed scan
this is kind of a preview mode we’re watching here, but we do have some
something to look at the dum-dums wrapper down there how cool is that! Awesome. All right, well that’s that’s the
Artec Leo. We’re gonna be making a lot more great content and playing around
with this. We can’t wait to show it to everybody I’m Brian Metzger, TriMech Solutions. Thank you.

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