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Hi, this is April with POSGuys.com, and today
we are reviewing the Unitech MS912 Bluetooth Scanner. This has a basic scan engine in it, and can
handle normal sized barcodes pretty easily. And then, in the light, if you’re scanning
outside, you’ll see that it has a little bit of trouble with that, so definitely inside
scanning is preferred. I’m going to show you how to pair your MS912
with your iOS device. If you want to pair it with an Android device, the instructions
are in this booklet right here. So first you’re going to go to settings, and then Bluetooth,
and turn your Bluetooth on. Wireless scanner will come up here, and then on page 7 you’re going to
want to scan the top barcode that is bluetooth mode. And then you go ahead and choose wireless
scanner, and after a brief moment, you should be connected. And there we go. And now you’re
ready to start scanning. Once you’re paired, the scan will show up
anywhere where your cursor is on the screen. Next I want to show you how to enable the
keyboard. So you want to enable the iOS hotkey by going to page 11 and scanning that barcode,
you’ll get your two happy beeps, double click on there, your keyboard pops up. To get it to go away, double click again, your keyboard goes away. This particular MS912 is a memory
scanner. You can tell because it has an “m” on the backside of it. What that means is
that you can put it in to enable memory mode and it will store the data on your device until
you decide to put it here by scanning this barcode. And there are all my scans show up
right now. The Unitech MS912 scanner is very small and
compact and easy to use. It is also great for light retail and tablet point of sale.
The memory mode allows you to do light inventory since it can hold 2MB of data on it. The MS912
runs for less than $200. If you would like to have a lower-cost version of it that is
just a bluetooth scanner, that would be the MS910, it’s not quite as pretty but it still
does a great job. And if you’re looking for something a little bit fancier, you can go
up to the MS916, it has memory and it has a little screen on it. You can visit us at
POSGuys.com to purchase all of these scanners. Thank you so much!

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