Universal Wireless Receiver Accessory Mount

Today I’m
here to show you our universal wireless receiver accessory mounting kit. It comes as a three piece kit which includes our Quick Plate, a mounting bracket and a Threaded Shoe adapter. This kit can attach just about any wireless receiver, wireless video transmitter and many other accessories to your DSLR camera or camcorder It fits in in any shoe mount or any 1/4-20 (quarter twenty) threaded hole. Here we have a setup on a camera with a full-size Lectro receiver mounted on a shoe mount in the front. The Quick Plate portion of this is a very simple set up. We’ve got a plate with Velcro strap that cinches tight against your wireless receiver, pressing it into these rubber pads and holding it tightly. It also has a tab at the bottom for extra security. When this is all set up, you can lift the whole camera up by the receiver; that’s how strong the grip is. It’s very secure. Of course you can mount small receivers in here as well, like this Sennheiser but most of the time when you have a small shoe mount receiver like this, you are going to use the shoe mount
adapter that comes with it. but when there’s no free shoe and there’s a threaded hole available, this setup will save the day. We also offer a threaded cold shoe mount that gives you three more shoe mount positions and it also goes in a threaded hole so you could mount your Sennheiser or other wireless receiver here like that But we’re talking about a universal wireless receiver mount today so we’ll focus on that. Of couse this will also mount on your DSLR. Here we have a Bracket 1 micro to add three more shoes on your DSLR so you can put this right here in the top or you could mount it sideways here and then end up with a nice stable shooting platform. You’d mount your audio recorder up here and you’ve got quite a nice little set up! Now when we’re talking about this being a universal mount, not only does it fit pretty much any wireless receiver or accessory but it mounts in a number different positions. In this set up right here, the plate screw inside was hethe plate is screwed on sideways like this but you can also mount the Quick Plate at 90 degrees so your accessories are positioned horizontally. You can mount the Threaded Shoe Adapter on the side in the second threaded hole on the bracket so now the whole thing sits on top of the camera and is in a horizontal position. Another option is to invert the adapter bracket, lowering the face that the Quick Plate attaches to and making the set up a little more compact. If you’re going to mount this in a threaded hole, you’ll have to remove the lock nuts from the Threaded Shoe Adapter and then you can thread the stud through the bracket and reattach the lock nuts. Then you can screw the assembly right in. If it’s a tight situation and there’s no room to twist the whole assembly around, you can actually back the threads out a little and then screw it in to the
camera from the top, rotating only the threaded adapter. Then you just lock down the lock nuts and screw the plate on; or you may attach the plate before you begin this process. This might be the perfect solution for customizing your rig. We offer him number different choices and products for accessorizing your
camcorder. Ask for products that your favorite
professional video production store or order right here on our website
at www.bracket1.com A special thanks to Video Gear of San Diego for providing equipment and location to make this video possible. thanks for watching!

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