XFINITY Home Battery Replacement: XHS2 Door and Window Sensors

This video will show you how to replace batteries
in the following XFINITY Home door and window sensors. You’ll need one, three volt CR2450 battery
per device and double-sided tape should you need to remove the sensor. First, be sure to disarm your XFINITY Home
security system. Now, place your thumb and index finger on
the sloped ends of the sensor cover and slide the cover away from the magnetic end to pull
the cover off the sensor. After removing the cover from the sensor – you
may receive a “tamper alert” from your system. The tamper alert warns you when the cover
of your device is open and will clear once the battery is replaced and the cover is reattached. Avoid touching the tamper switch while the
cover is off. Touching the tamper switch may reset the sensor
to factory settings. Next, remove the old battery by using your
fingertip to pull one end of the battery up until it is loose. Insert the new battery by placing it flat
against the prongs in the battery compartment – with the positive side facing you. To attach the sensor cover, align the small
tab on the inside the cover with the indented slot track on the front of the sensor. Press the cover down on the sensor and slide
it back into place. Visit xfinity dot com slash XFINITY Home Battery
Replacement for additional information on replacing batteries in your XFINITY Home Devices. XFINITY. The future of awesome.

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