XP Deus top tips beach settings

the XP Deus how does it work on the wet
sand I have had quite a few emails from people asking me what’s the best way to
set it up and I can only give you my personal preferences you may have seen
the recent ORX video where it worked on the wet sand faultlessly once again
allowed to use the Goldfield program when searching the beaches the wet sand
and the dry sand are totally different things and it requires a different
ground balance – dry sand you can use your conventional inland settings for
example a factory preset of 90 will work just fine but when you’re on the wet
sand the salt causes a few extra problems so you need to eliminate that
because the detector sees the salt as a signal so we need to eliminate that
particular signal it comes up at about 26 – 27 on the target ID let’s get started
with the Goldfield program where do I start program number 10 Gold Field
first of all hit the gb scroll down until you see beach and it says NO press
the plus button so it says YES then go back into the detect screen and you will notice on the right-hand screen now the ground balance range is changed you’ll
see 27 on the bottom right hand side into the menu let’s scroll down audio
response I’m going to go up one to 3 sensitivity 95 I’m going to drop that down to 90 at the moment but if
you’re using the black coil I strongly recommend you go into the expert setting
and you’ll see the TX power drop that down to 1- frequency I’m on 17.2 Khz with this X35 coil I’m not going to worry too much about that
reactivity factory preset is 2 – I’m gonna ramp it up to 3
Disc IAR there’s not a lot of iron on this beach so I’m not gonna worry about
iron rejection too much and there we are we have the threshold now we’re going to
raise it up a little bit just so I’ve got the carrier in the background a slight
buzzing in my ears so with these headphones I think about 3 will do
fine now there’s no need to ground balance using the beach mode with the
Goldfield when we selected Beach “YES” that did everything for us it does a
pretty good job however if you find the Machine a little bit erratic you may
want to go into ground balance manual and just raise it up a notch but it
should be okay now the very last thing I’m going to do I’m going to switch the
screen from the graphic to the XY screen and I’ll explain a little bit more about
that at the end of the video so let’s go into
options – configuration drop down until we see profile select profile and the plus
button to select the XY screen now we go back into the detect menu and we’re pretty
much ready to go and the target ID is showing iron so let me turn the IAR on
and let’s see if it discriminates it this is IAR 5 perfect it has done a good job there Disc IAR – now that really is up to you how you det it If your beach is quite clean
it’s probably not worth using Disc IAR at all and just rely on the target
ID but if you’ve got a lot of iron you can turn it up to a maximum of five to
give you a better chance and also disc IAR on five is pretty good at
identifying bottle caps so as you can hear with those settings
the XP Deus is perfectly stable on the wet sand using the Goldfield mode at the
start of the video I suggested you activate the XY screen in order to
better identify targets and there’s two reasons why I do this the first reason
is bottle cap identification in front of me I’ve got a bottle cap and a ring pull
and let’s just pass the coil over the two targets and have a look at the
target ID screen that’s the ring pull it gives us a good audio now here’s the
bottle cap once again a good audio but the XY screen is totally different the
ring pull will simulate a coin or a gold ring it gives a nice solid straight line
whereas the bottle cap gives a disruptive line and it gives a little
tag at the end of it a little bit like the Nike symbol in Reverse when you’re
up close to a bottle cap it’s all over the screen but if you lift the coil up
just a little bit you’ll see what I mean you get that tick so that’s one reason
why I choose to use the XY screen and the XY screen comes into play with this
next question….. we talked about ground balance earlier so how do you know when
to switch from the dry beach ground balance to the wet beach ground balance
for example 90 or 27 but once again the XY screen is our friend
and when we’re searching have a look at the line orientation if you’re on the
wet beach the line will be from top to bottom as you’re searching and when
you’re on the dry beach it will go left to right when you’re searching so that
gives you a good indication of when to change the ground balance if you want
any more information about searching the wet beaches and top tips why not have a
look at my recent ORX video where i’ll go through the basic setup of the ORX
very similar to the Deus for searching wet sand absolutely perfect this tide is
just going out and it’s as good as gold that’s a massive signal that’s a big
piece of aluminium I should imagine it’s certainly not a coin one thing to avoid
when on the wet sand where the XP Deus is hitting a call on the sand for
example so try and keep the coil just above the wet sand well guys that’s it thanks for watching
short and sweet and to the point that’s the way we like it I hope it’s been of
help to you the sun’s going down now I’m gonna get a couple of hours in for it’s
time to go home apologies in advance for the wind noise
I’m on the beach theres not really a lot of can do about it but thumbs up if you
liked it don’t forget to subscribe and hopefully I’ll see you on a next metal
detector skill school video until then happy hunting


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